Current Issue

Feb 7, 2023


JASS@stem journal content may be reproduced valid permission with fee $3450.00. The RightsLink® automated permissions program handles requests to use content from JASS@stem publications. Simply adhere to the guidelines below to request authorization using the Rightslink® system:

  • Find the article on JASS@stem Online Library that you want to copy.
  • On the content you want to utilize, click the “Request Permissions” option. You can access this link by looking next to the book, on table of contents, article abstracts, or by clicking the green “Information” symbol.
  • To obtain a quote, follow the online instructions, choose your needs from the drop-down menus, and click “quick price.”
  • To complete your transaction, register for a RightsLink® account (and pay, where applicable)

AUTHORS – You do not need permission to reprint your own piece (or a revised version of it) in a new publication for which you served as the author, editor, or co-editor (with the usual acknowledgements). But if you choose “Author of this JASS@stem article” as your requestor type, RightsLink will let you get a formal grant of license for free.

Select University/Academic as the requestor type if you are an individual academic author who wants to republish up to 3 figures or 4000 words from this publication in a new journal article you are creating. They can then download a free permission license at that point.

The requestor type and the name of the STM Signatory publisher from the resulting drop-down list in RightsLink may also be chosen by either of the parties who are publishing a new journal article or book chapter with an STM Signatory Publisher. This list is updated frequently. During the request procedure, the requestor is needed to fill out the republication details, including the publisher’s name. They can then download a free permissions license at that point.


If a teaching institution has a current, paid subscription to the journal, it is free to produce numerous copies for classroom use as long as no copies are sold or distributed. In all other circumstances, consent should be requested either directly from RightsLink® or from a reproduction rights organization (see below).

Copyright Licensing Agency

Under the terms of their license, institutions based in the US are permitted to copy portions of JASS@stem books and journals if they have a current photocopying and/or digital license with the Copyright Licensing Agency. Visit CLA for further information.

Copyright Clearance Center

Under the terms of their agreement, institutions based in the US that have a current photocopying and/or digital license with the Copyright Clearance Center are permitted to copy portions of JASS@stem books and journals. For more information, please see the CCC.