Current Issue

Feb 7, 2023

Open Access

Authors have the option to make their articles open access through JASS@stem, making them instantly accessible for reading, downloading, and sharing.

Open access articles will be charged an article publishing price (APC) of 3450 USD, 2300 GBP, or 2900 EUR if they are accepted and published in the journal.

Authors from nations on the Waivers and Discounts List will automatically receive APC waivers and discounts. When submitting their article, authors should request a waiver or discount.

Authors who get financing through a JASS@stem Open Access Account from a company or organization do not make a direct payment. The organization or funder covers the fee. Authors are eligible for a reduction on the publication charge if their institutions have paid the JASS@stem Open Access partner fee, and upon acceptance, the author is responsible for paying the discounted rate.

To learn more about the arrangements your funder may have made to pay for Open Access, please visit JASS@stem sections on agreements with funders and institutions, as well as our Author Compliance Tool. The open access area of JASS@stem Author Services has more information.

Taxes on Publication Charges

There will be VAT (at their local applicable rate) to add for authors and institutions residing in any EU nation that participates in value-added tax (VAT) but are not registered for VAT.

If the Author/Institution is registered for VAT, a tax invoice can be accepted under the reverse charge by submitting their VAT registration number. The VAT registered customer will account for the VAT when they prepare their VAT return as both a “in” and a “out,” producing a nil effect (this is a mechanism where VAT would not need to be included to the payment).

Open Access Licensing and Copyright

Open access articles in JASS@stem are published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. The CC-BY license permits commercial and non-commercial re-use of an open access article, as long as the author is properly attributed. For more information about Creative Commons License options please visit the licensing page of JASS@stem Authors Services.

Some funders and institutions mandate the use of a particular license; to check that JASS@stem offers the required license, please use the Author Compliance Tool.

Green Open Access – Self – archiving

Green open access, also known as self-archiving, is the practice of making an article freely available to all readers by placing a copy of it online in a repository or website after it has been published in a journal that requires a subscription.